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Fences can provide security and privacy of your home. One of the main purposes for any fence is to define the boundary of your property. But a fence can also make your place safe for children and pets to play or for family and friends to visit.

The type of fence you choose is very important, but not just for your home’s exterior design, and also for your home’s security. Because the most common reasons for people to buy houses are the privacy and security. There are many different types of construction materials to choose from, but you should know that each of them has their own maintenance requirements and prices. It can be chain link, wood or pvc/vinyl.

Metal is an excellent fencing choice because of its flexibility in installation and its durability over time. It is also possible to use metal products to address a variety of decorative and budget needs.  It is a good fence type because it is affordable, much stronger than other materials and long lasting. It usually lasts about 30 years and takes little to no maintenance. Also many people choose metal fences because they are simple to repair and provide a good level of security for their house.

PVC/Vinyl fencing has become a popular alternative in recent years. Most of the homeowners choose it for its versatility and low-maintenance. Also PVC/Vinyl fences are durable and strong, good in all kinds of weather and come in a variety of different colors and styles. This type of fence tend to cost more than wood fences to install, and if you’ve got a large area that needs to be protected by the fence, you’ll be facing more upfront costs if you choose vinyl instead of wood.

Wood fences you can see everywhere these days. They are attractive, easily repaired and relatively inexpensive to install. These types of fences can provide more privacy and can easily last the lifetime of your home. A wood fence therefore may end up costing you more in the long run than a vinyl fence might.

Installing a new fence is an important part too. It requires a lot of research and careful planning. Whichever type of construction material you choose (chain link, wood or pvc/vinyl) you should understand that fence installation is a job that should be done by skilled workers, because a professionally installed fence gives every homeowner that sense of security.

All kinds of fences from time to time need maintenance to keep them functioning properly and looking good. If you do not want to replace the entire fence, you can just replace some sections. But whether you are replacing some parts or having a completely new fence installed, make sure that you find a professional who can provide you a quality work.

Fencing that is only dusty or moderately soiled can be cleaned by simply spraying down with your garden hose. Rent or buy a power washer in order to remove more serious dirt, stains, rust, or discoloration, as well as biological growths like mold, moss, or algae. Use a gentle pressure and make sure you understand how to operate the washer before directing it at your fence. Power washing is good for more than just cleaning — in the case of an aging wooden fence, it will also strip off the discolored top layer of wood. If your fence is still under warranty, make sure that power washing will not violate the manufacturer’s terms and conditions. After washing, thoroughly dry the fence before you repair or paint it. Regular painting or sealing will help to protect a metal or wood fence against corrosion and other damage in the future. All good fences need periodic maintenance to keep them functioning properly and looking their best. When faced with damage, the first decision is whether to repair or replace.

To have an attractive and useful fence that stays in good condition, it requires care just like any other part of a home. Good fence maintenance is something homeowners must do or face fence repair bills instead. Fortunately, keeping up with the proper maintenance on a fence is not that difficult for homeowners to either do on their own, or by hiring a local fence company.

Inspect Fences Regularly

Although it may seem as if fences are a “set it and forget it” type of installation, this is not true. Regardless of the type of fence installed, all fences require some type of fence maintenance, along with periodic inspections to ensure there is no damage. Sagging posts, rust, insect and water damage are all examples of things that can affect various fences after a while, so keeping a watchful eye out for these problems is essential.

To avoid the need for extensive fence repair, and to keep repair and replacement costs low, homeowners should regularly inspect their fences. Check posts to make sure they are still tight in the ground, and look for signs of loose boards or fence sections. Look for any signs of animal or insect damage, and any damage caused by the elements – such as rot, mold or cracking. By routinely checking for these things every few weeks – especially after bad weather – a homeowner can ensure their fence will remain standing, or receive the necessary repairs before a minor issue becomes a major one.

Fence Maintenance to Preserve Condition

Besides frequent inspections to check for damage, regular maintenance, according to the type of fence, is essential to keep it in the best condition. Depending on the material and type, some fences may require pressure washing or removal of corrosion with wire brushes, treatment with water sealants, staining, painting or other methods of covering or preserving the fencing material. The important thing to remember is that putting forth the effort to keep a fence clean and free from insect, animal and weather damage, means a longer-lasting fence. Other than regular cleaning, most fences only require sealing or painting every few years anyway. For owners who do not have the time or desire to do these jobs themselves, hiring an experienced fence company is always a possibility.

Repair When Necessary

Most fences will require some repair work as they age, even if they are well-maintained. Materials like wood and certain metals do not last forever, or can suffer from a certain degree of decomposition based upon the quality of the initial materials used. Minor repairs should always be done as soon as they are discovered. Loose nails and screws, rails that have come down, sagging gates, and making other minor repairs in a timely manner prevent small jobs from becoming bigger ones.

Larger damage, whether caused by weather, age, accident or other means, should also be repaired as soon as possible to prevent the rest of the fence from being affected. Just as a hole in the roof must be repaired quickly after storm damage, a broken section of fence should be repaired just as promptly to keep the entire fence strong, and to prevent additional damage.

The best fence for any homeowner is a well-maintained one. With regular inspections, periodic fence maintenance, and making fence repairs when necessary, any fence should be able to last up to, and even well past its estimated lifespan. For help with any of these important tasks, contact a local fence company to assess current conditions and make any maintenance and repair recommendations!


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